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Annie at Jays wedding 2019_edited_edited

Find out more about Annie here

Annie Hind

A lover of art and beauty for her whole life, Annie started learning the piano in her forties.

A pianophile since beginning study as an adult, Annie continues to learn from and enjoy the playing of others.This is a huge part of the  motivation for the workshops, as well as sharing Tigh na Breac with guests and acting as host.


Annie is enjoying the huge challenge of trying to catch up  with her inspiring pianist friends. An impossible task - obviously - but she just loves learning and progressing, in all her areas of interest!

Diane's full biography here

Testimonials for Diane here

Diane is a brilliant, hugely respected and passionate teacher and pianist.

Always learning herself - like all great teachers do - she regularly studies with world class pianists and pedagogues such as Paul Roberts, Charles Owen, Alon Goldstein and Stefan Bjorsten.

Diane writes articles, edits a music journal and presents talks based on her experience and deep thinking about music and performance.

Diane has performed for over twenty years as the Principal Keyboard Artist for the Newport Symphony Orchestra, covering piano, harpsichord and celesta.

In October 2023 she was invited to the University of Oxford to deliver a lecture for the Music Faculty on "How to Prepare for Just About Anything".


Diane Baxter


Juliet Bruce

Coming from a musical background, Juliet and her sisters were steeped in music from an early age.  Juliet began playing the piano at the age of five

Since the beginnings of Piano at Tigh na Breac, Juliet has supported Diane with additional teaching and advice for our pianists, as well as continuing to be a convivial part of our hosting team!

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