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What people say about Diane


"Diane has clearly remained malleable over the years in her own professional development, as her courses in Ethnomusicology, Women in Music, Graduate Research Methods, Private Piano Instruction and Pedagogy illustrate. 

Additionally, her research and teaching of the critical topic of Performance Anxiety in addition to these courses, exemplifies a pedagogue who is concerned not only with the academic preparation of her students for their collective futures in the field, but with their mental and physical health that accompanies their respective journeys into it.

In conclusion, I hope that when my academic and performance career ends, it will come somewhat close to the artistry, magnanimous warmth, grace, intelligence and superior pedagogical knowledge that Diane’s career has exemplified.

Western Oregon University, the Department of Music and its students and faculty are incredibly fortunate to have her as not only a presence, but an academic force that advocates for its students, their futures, and creates unlimited possibilities for them in the process."

Dr. Daniel Immel
Associate Professor of Music
Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

"Diane has an approach that considers the physical, mental and intellectual state of the player she is working with. She has empathy and a keen human interest in everyone she comes across. As well as being a great musician, she finds the positive in all players work and is creative in nurturing them.  Upholding high standards does not preclude her from engaging with less advanced students. Without pandering to egos, or destroying confidence, she always inspires every level of player.

Diane’s aim is to help everyone with their music making. Her musicality, wide knowledge of piano literature, sense of humour and powerful physical presence are just some of the tools at her disposal.

Performance anxiety is just one of Diane’s special interests and her lectures are inspiring, funny and show great emotional intelligence."

Annie Hind
Piano @ Tigh na Breac

".. as a scholar, she has taken the helm of the Oregon Musician, and brought this parochial publication into the twenty first century, presenting all manner of contemporary research and themes critically vital to the Profession. She is a meticulous editor and an inspiring leader to those that offer articles.

In all that she offers, you will find a keen intellect, a thoroughly grounded education, wide-ranging collaborative experience, leadership, program development, and the ability to attract highly talented student through her recruiting efforts.

In Dr Baxter's piano artistry you will find a refined sensibility. She is a patrician performer who never loses sight of important historical perspectives. Whether she is diving deep into the high end playing required by Liszt or working with more modest endeavours, Dr Baxter brings value and commitment to every musical performance and collaboration”

Dr Jill Timmons, NCTM
Professor emerita, Linfield College. Author ~ Oxford University Press

In September 2017 I came to Western Oregon University and worked with Dr Diane Baxter, on piano performance and teaching research. I saw the professor’s Ethnomusicology and Junior Seminar courses.  In piano teaching she is very rigorous and passionate, explaining her work in detail. She’s very, very knowledgeable, unreservedly sharing what she has done over the years. At the same time, Dr Diane Baxter also has  professional theoretical research in Ethnomusicology, she knows world music and is able to accurately explain the music of different nations.

Profession Diane Baxter is one of the best professors I’ve ever met. She is full of energy and knowledge, to work with her is my honor and wealth of your school.

Dr Li Jing, Associate Professor of Piano
Music Normal Institute Guangxi University, China

As a young undergraduate student, Diane was by far my best advisor. She constantly pushed me to work hard to achieve more than I ever believed I could. She holds a special responsibility to shape pianists and musicians on a one-on-one basis during individual instructions and lives up to that responsibility to the fullest, with constant creative instruction and coaching. She uses her experiences as a world musician to encourage students to explore all possibilities. Through her advice and training, I was able to go on to graduate school and eventually receive a doctoral degree, which was never in my mind before Diane opened up that possibility to me. I consider Diane to be my lifelong mentor and friend and I know many others who think the same.

Dr Lauren Fraley

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