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Piano Note


Our piano performance workshops in October 2018, 2019, 2021 and 2022 were inspiring, intensive and hugely enjoyable. A house full of great people and great pianists, lent the event a 'house-party' feel. An intensive and inclusive experience for all the pianists, who all worked hard and played in a fabulous concert on the last afternoon.


Diane's wonderful teaching helped us all to find new inspiration, practice tools and methods to improve our playing. With a wide range of  fantastic repertoire, every pianist contributed to a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining concert for our friendly and appreciative invited audience.

"How brave and admirable you all were, we enjoyed it so much and look forward to next year, we'd love to come again!"

"I used to play and felt so nervous for you all, you have inspired me so much, I was so impressed! Thank you for inviting us."

"I really enjoyed the piano workshop.  The venue was excellent, the setting is so beautiful and the house very comfortable.  Food was excellent and I enjoyed all the people."


"I send you my deepest thanks for that wonderful weekend. In my opinion there is nothing to change, food was amazing, and the course wonderful. I loved that we just had also just a usual music discussion just asking ourselves why we are doing all that music..  as I do often ask myself just the same question!"


"Just want to thank you again for a really special few days in Oban. Excellent teaching (4 lessons in 3 days!), great company, fine food. I think I like these small courses best. I feel inspired and keen to get practicing."


"The more I look back on our piano weekend, the more impressed I am at how it proceeded — like clockwork!"


"I can only be complimentary. All went swimmingly,  great hearing the others play too. I hadn't seen Diane teaching before but I got some great focussed advice. All in all, a memorable weekend!"


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